Additives for SMC/BMC applications / Carrier foils for SMCs

"Carrier foils for SMCs"

TRENNFILM (release film foil)

Working in close cooperation with European manufacturers of SMCs TRENNFILM was developed - a modified polyamide carrier foil with enhanced crystallinity to prevent styrene emissions during the manufacture of SMCs; TRENNFILM is non-permeable to styrene.
This new type of carrier foil is also easy to peel off and is characterized by high resistance to tearing. Produced on chill roll extrusion machines, various thicknesses and widths from 450 to 3.000 mm are available.


  • Non-permeable to styrene
  • Tear resistant
  • Easy to peel off

Carrier foil HD

Carrier foil HD is a new high density polyethylene foil. It is easy to peel off, has a high tearing resistance, yet it is only 25 µm thick. Available in width from 700 to 2.000 mm.


  • thickness 25 µm
  • easy to peel off

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