Prozess organization

"Process organization"

Standardized business processes with an integrated standard software improve the value chain down to the customer:

Within the LEHVOSS Group we generally use the software. Our branches and subsidiaries have access to our central server through a VPN connection based on CITRIX server technology.

This allows us to implement our main processes such as sales order processing, purchasing and stock management as well as the production and quality management process in the same way throughout the Group. All users rely on the same database so that we can provide our business partners at all times with updated information on the state of processing of orders as well as on the stock situation. Consequently, efficiency in processing and uniform reporting rate highly for us.

We offer our customers and suppliers the opportunity to be an electronically linked partner within the supply chain or to use a B2B solution.
For us communication with our customers and suppliers is very important. The use

of CISCO IP telephony
electronic fax
email and the Internet

create rapid connections and flat hierarchies for us and our business partners.