Additives for functional fluids / Additives for functional fluids (applications)

"Additives for functional fluids (applications)"

Additives for functional fluids
Products  Description  Applications 
Anti-foam-additives and defoamer  Silicone-free products
silicone-based defoamers 
Metal working fluids, industrial cleaners, hydraulic fluids, lubricants and any other aqueous or oily applications 
Corrosion inhibitors  Non ashforming inhibitors for waterborne and oil based fluids Corrosion protection for functional fluids
EP / AW-additives Components based on sulfur and phosphor
Performance Packeges
Ester blends
Industrial gear oil, metal working fluids, greases and hydraulic fluids
Friction modifyer Inorganic Mo-compounds Friction reduction in all types of lubricants
Synthetic fluids  Polyalphaolefins with both low and high viscosity, alkylated naphtalene  Additives for functional fluids, coupling agent for low aromatic base oils